Meet my tea cabinet!

Milche on the tea cabinet.
Milche enjoying the view of the kitchen from the tea cabinet.

There’s something a little delicious about looking at other people’s tea stash. You get a rare opportunity to compare your crazy to the craziness of others, and at the same time, you may get to find out that you’re not as crazy as some other people.

Tea cabinetCraigslist is my friend. If you look long enough, you can find pretty much anything there. For $50, I found my tea cabinet, which fits perfectly in my kitchen! The seller told me that she got it 20 years ago from “an importer of Asian goods,” which I took to mean World Market.

Open cabinetAnd here is the insanity: 150 kinds of tea, but fortunately, most of them are less than an ounce. Hopefully, my collection won’t outgrow it!

I want to see some stashes! Show me pictures of your collections and where you keep them. Teaware stashes count too!

Happy teaing!


Writen by Hoálatha

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