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So here begins the obligatory first post, introducing the dazzling, sparkling, VERY interesting personality behind the blog. The truth is, I’m not as dazzling and witty as almost everyone on the planet, but I had so much fun reading about the lives of the tea titans out there that I wanted to share my more neophytic outlook.

About Me

I started drinking tea in 2000 on a trip to Europe. This is where I first discovered brown sugar cubes, milk, and Twinings English Breakfast bags. I was satisfied with this setup for about 16 years until I got a bad batch of bags with no flavor.

A trip to Cincinnati and a loose leaf tea store introduced me to loose leaf brewing and all the different flavors available out there. As a Florida girl, there was a major dearth of loose leaf tea available to me in local stores, so it was nothing I ever thought to even seek out.

Then I met an insane tea person who introduced me to the tea community, where my bar for normalcy was raised dramatically. I actually thought that my modest collection of 30 teas was excessive!! Between recommendations and swaps, I’ve learned so much in the last 4 months or so (has it really only been that long??).

About this Blog

There are so many posts on reddit regarding new people getting lost as they begin to wade into the deceptively deep pool that is the world of tea. While the community is extremely helpful and so, so generous, I think it would be interesting to document my own journey into this vortex. Here are some of the tea-related topics I want to cover on this blog; make sure to leave a comment if there are other topics you want to see:

  • Vendors—the best place to get what
  • Reviews—teas and teaware
  • Education—different teas, different regions, brewing, tasting teas
  • Collecting—differing collections and how to start your own
  • Issues—issues with going on this journey
  • Whatever other tea-related topics I come across
My cat Milche.
     Milche and her blue eyes in the window.

Of course, my entire life isn’t just about tea. I can’t guarantee that the occasional cat, food, or nature post won’t slip in there somewhere. Milche and Pond, my two cats, will probably be mentioned and pictured more than once. I’m also really interested in espresso, so that might make an appearance or two.

Some blogs only review certain types of teas. While my tastes have definitely narrowed since I’ve been introduced to “higher quality” teas, I have to say that I am still relatively adventurous. I have everything from Twinings English Breakfast bags to 30 year old oolong to aged puerh to the most absurd flavors in my collection.

I love to experiment. I don’t follow “the rules.” What I like is what I end up doing, and if it turns out well, I’ll share it here. I enjoy pitting tea blends against each other, cooking food with tea, and playing with brewing parameters. I hope to share these experiences so that others can put their own spin on my sacrilegious treatment of this fantastic beverage.

Happy teaing!

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